Dornier Wal - A Light coming over the Sea

Dornier Wal - A Light coming over the Sea
"Dornier Wal a Light coming over the Sea" is the most detailed book about the Dornier Wal available today.
As said by the Countess Maria Fede Caproni di Taliedo-Armani, the author, Michiel van der Mey, is an internationally renowned Dornier Wal expert and has meticulously detailed the history of the "Dornier Wal" in over 200 captivating pages."

In collaboration with the Museum Caproni and Logisma Editore, in 2005 the first edition of the book "Dornier Wal a Light coming over the Sea" was published. This is the second and revised edition, which describes the following subjects:
- the innovative achievements of its passionate German designer Claude Dornier (the father of the Wal),
- the remarkably rugged technique of the full metal and stable construction providing an incredible seaworthiness and reliable flying, characteristics
- the demanding long pioneer flights over snow and ice and through tropical showers and over forests, lakes and seas in open cockpits always exposed to weather and wind, many world records were broken by the tough, courageous and persistent crews,
- its contribution in the development of new transatlantic air mail services and in passenger airline services in various countries,
- the very innovative role in the military, where they became the "eyes of the fleet"
- and finally the gradual change over from artisan constructions into a modern industrial aircraft construction concern.
Illustrated throughout with more than 340 contemporary images, some maps and drawings.

Author/s: Michiel van der Mey
Illustrator/s: -
Pages: 223
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 4th
Year of publication: 2017
Dimensions: 29,7 x 21 cm
Binding: Softcover
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