Schlachtschiff Tirpitz, Vol. 4: Against the Allied Convoys u.a. Operation "Rösselsprung" 1942 / Juli - 1943 / März.

Schlachtschiff Tirpitz, Vol. 4: Against the Allied Convoys u.a. Operation \"Rösselsprung\" 1942 / Juli - 1943 / März.
This fourth volume mainly concentrates on the largest sortie of the TIRPITZ during the summer of 1942; her deployment against the Allied convoy PQ17 in operation „Rösselsprung“. Both the high quality and quantity of the hitherto unpublished photo material illustrate the life of this largest German warship. After years of research spent on evaluating historic documents such as the war diaries and after finding the locations associated to the diary entries, it has been possible to allocate almost the entire range of photos to certain locations and time frames. It is again possible to view history in its chronological order – from moving out of Trondheimfjord through Gimsøystraumen into Kaafjord in northern Norway. After another failure of a German undertaking in the Arctic Ocean, the task force eventually was transferred to Bogen where the TIRPITZ kept the Allied convoys in constant state of high alarm, merely as a result of her presence. In autumn 1942 the ship should return to Germany for overhauling. Despite this, Hitler ordered the ship to stay in Norway, hence several repairs had to be carried out in Lofjord, before returning to Bogen Bay in March 1943. Despite having been a German warship, the TIRPITZ – and her famous sistership, the BISMARCK – still receives strong worldwide attention today.
For this reason the German texts and captions are accompanied by their respective English translations to make this historic period of the German Kriegsmarine linguistically accessible to non-German readers. All of this is supplemented by detailed technical information and projections depicting the individual stages of fitting-out, the camouflage patterns of the warship as well as the operation routes. Furthermore, photos of past and present are shown side-by-side for comparison purposes in order to identify the sceneries that have not changed much until today.
476 mostly unpublished photos, perspective representations of the fitting-out stages and the camouflage schemes of the battleship, historical maps of port facilities, maps of the ship’s movements.

Author(s): Robert Gehringer/Antonio Bonomi
Publisher: Gehringer
Pages: 176
Language: English/German
Edition: 1
Year of publication: 2018
Dimensions: 30 x 21 cm
Binding: Hardcover
Weight: 1.30 kg

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