Aufklärer, Bomber, Seenotretter. See-Mehrzweckflugzeuge Heinkel He 59 und He 115.

Aufklärer, Bomber, Seenotretter. See-Mehrzweckflugzeuge Heinkel He 59 und He 115.
After the already published type monographs of the shipboard aircraft and coastal reconnaissance aircraft Heinkel He 60, Heinkel He 114 and Arado Ar 196 have established themselves also internationally as standard works, this book describes the Heinkel He 59 and its successor, the He 115.
Both technologically marked the beginning and the end of the development and series production of twin-engine maritime multi-purpose aircraft for the Luftwaffe in the German Reich. In order to achieve a competitive advantage, EHF Ernst Heinkel Flugzeugwerke took over assemblies from existing designs and scaled them appropriately. The single-engine Heinkel He 60 aircraft was created by downsizing the twin-engine Heinkel He 59. The twin-engine Heinkel He 115, however, benefited from the single-engine models Heinkel He 70, He 100 and He 114. The latter was one of the most elegant floatplanes of its time and flew not only with the Luftwaffe, but also in Finland, Norway and Sweden. Even the British Royal Air Force (RAF) used the model successfully for a short time. In Norway, the restoration of a He 115 B-1, salvaged in 2012, is progressing and is generating growing interest in the twin-engine maritime multi-purpose aircraft from Rostock.
763 pictures, 695 in b/w and 68 of them in color.

Author(s): Christian König
Publisher: Helios
Pages: 297
Language: German
Edition: 1
Year of publication: 2020
Dimensions: 28 x 21 cm
Binding: Hardcover
Weight: 1.60 kg

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