Vaisseau de 118 canons - Le Commerce de Marseille 1788 - 1801

Vaisseau de 118 canons - Le Commerce de Marseille 1788 - 1801
Manned with more than a thousand sailors, first rate ships (also called three-deckers) from the late 18th Century, were fitted with 112 to 132 guns on 4 or even 5 levels and they looked like floating fortresses as they were some of the largest wooden ships ever built. This monograph contains all the documentation needed to build "Le Commerce de Marseille", a ship built in Toulon in 1788 by JN Sané. The 34 large plates (90 x 170 cm) included in this voluminous work contain all the drawings necessary to build an entirely framed model. The set of plans also offers the opportunity to slightly modify the dispositions of the ship in order to build a "supposed" version of "L"Orient" which sunk during the battle of Nile in 1798. As in previous works, the plates also show detailed drawings of all the fittings, masting and sails.

The plan set is complemented by a booklet of 110 pages, containing short history descriptionos of these vessels, their construction and a biography of JN Sané. Detailed explanations and comments about each and every plate are given

Plates included in 1:48 scale are as follows:
1) Definition of the hull
2) Vertical sections
3) Framing parts
4) Frames and riders
5) Frames and riders
7) Frames and riders
8) Aft and stern framing
9) Hawse timbers
10) Hull framing
11) Beakhead and stem
12) Planking below the waterline (quickwork)
13) Longitudinal view of the framing
14) Cross sections
15) The hold
16) The orlop deck
17) First deck
18) Second deck
19) Third deck
20) Forecastle and quarterdeck
21) Poop deck and disposition of L"Orient
22) Top view
23) Longitudinal layout
24) Equipment and fittings 1
25) Equipment and fittings 2
26) Equipment and fittings 3
27) Equipment and fittings 4
28) Great view of the fitted hull
29) Front and aft views
30) Masts and yards
31) Mast fittings and blocks
32) Sails (1:96 scale)
33) Belaying points
34) Great view; the ship under sails (1:72 scale)

Author: Delacroix
Language: French
Edition: 1
Year of publication: 2006
Dimensions: 34.5 x 25 x 9.5
Binding: Hardcover
Weight: 3.32 kg

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