Le Fleuron - 64 Gun Ship, 1729

Le Fleuron - 64 Gun Ship, 1729
English edition!

This monograph is the first in the series to be devoted to a ship of the line. It is of particular interest since the ship we have chosen, the Fleuron - as it was conceived by Blaise Ollivier - is the first modern French ship. Moreover it represents a pure example of the French school of naval architecture.
The monograph is based on exceptional documentation which brings together a complete description by Blaise Ollivier of the dimensions and specifications of the vessel, original drawings by her designer, the originals of the drawings of the decoration and sculptures by Caffieri and finally all the information about the rig, contained in a manuscript from the period. Because of the disasters our archives have suffered, it is very rare that so many unquestionable sources can be brought together.
Gerard Delacroix, the crator of this monograph, is a professional draughtsman and a talented model-maker; he is a follower of Jean Boudriot, who helped him during the execution of this work, which we are particularly happy to publish now in English in our collection.
This ship has very interesting features, of the kind that will catch the attention of experienced model-makers: a superb hull; an elegant, perfectly defined and described structure; oblique inner planking; iron knees; bronze and iron artillery; a French style rig with round "tops" mean that making this model will be a real challenge but a model of the ring without the hull structure can also be made, using the 1/72nd lines drawings.
The Fleuron only took part in a few wartime operations, but her career is interesting as she completed three cruises in the Baltic Sea (not often visited by french squadrons), one of which gives us the opportunity to describe the arrangements for holding a ball aboard a ship of the line.

135 p. monograph, 24 x 31cm format, including:
- Blaise Ollivier's manuscript
- J.J. Caffieri's decorations
- Rigging manuscript, 1732
- A biography of B. Ollivier with a bibliography
- A computer-assisted note on the drawings
- The history of the Fleuron 1729-1745
- Archival excerpts on the Baltic cruises and on a ball given on board the Bourbon
Monograph :
- Annotated Study of the plates
- Measurements and scantlings of timber pieces
- Description of the rigging
- Complete retranscription of B. Ollivier's manuscript35 p. monograph, 24 x 31cm format, in
Lists of plates :
1 – Defining the hull-Horizontal sections
2 - Vertical sections
3 - General view of the timbers.
4-5-6 Drawings of 62 frames
7 - Axial timbers and longitudinal section of the timbers
8 - The riders and deck cambers
9 - Fore woodwork
10 - Stern woodwork
11- Construction of the bow
12- Ceiling of the hull
13- Cross sections
14- Longitudinal section and accommodations in the hull15- Gun deck
16- Upper deck
17- Forecastle, quaterdeck and poop
18- Overview and overhead views
19- Front and rear views
20- Fitting (1)
21- Fitting (2)
22- Fitting (3)
23- Masts and yards
24- Fitting of the masts
25- 26- Sails (1:96 scale)
27- Full view under sails (1/72)
28- Rigging belaying

Author: Boudriot, Jean / Delacroix, Gerard
Pages: 135
Language: English
Edition: 1
Year of publication: 2006
Dimensions: 31 x 24 cm
Binding: Hardcover

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