Technik und Einsatzgeschichte: Tiger 1942-1943, Vol. 1 & Mapbook

Technik und Einsatzgeschichte: Tiger 1942-1943, Vol. 1 & Mapbook
The comprehensive first volume of the three-volume Tiger series, which deals with the history of all units that were equipped with the tiger, contains on 448 pages 88 full-page color plates with detailed color profiles and color 3D drawings of the Tigers, 50 scale drawings 600 contemporary b/w photos. The development and service history of the Tigers in 1942 and 1943, with the s.Pz.Abt.501, 502, 503, 504, 505, 506, 507, the s.Pz.Kp., the WSS divisions LSSAH, Das Reich and Totenkopf are discussed in detail. An integral part of this volume are the large folding maps, printed on special paper, and a separate 24-page card portfolio, with strategic maps of the areas of application of the various Tiger associations and related other battles on the same front section. More specifically, the operations in Tunisia during the African campaign, and the operations Eilbote, Frühlingswind and Ochsenkopf, the first battles in Russia of the Pz.Abt.501 and 502, the operations Husky and Lehrgang on Sicily, Operation Zitadelle and the fighting around Leningrad, Rostov on Don, Mius, Donets, in the Belgorod-Kharkov region and in Ukraine and the Caucasus are mapped and cross-references are provided with the relevant passages in the book. Author: Waldemar Trojca

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