Chronik Kampfgeschwader Nr. 27 Boelcke Band VII, Teil 6: 1945

Chronik Kampfgeschwader Nr. 27 Boelcke Band VII, Teil 6: 1945
This final part of the Kampfgeschwader Nr. 27 "Boelcke" chronicle, in the last phase of the war renamed KG (J) 27, wheras the "J" stands for "Jagd", literally "fighter", describes education and training of the unit with its new mounts, fighters of the type Messerschmitt Me 109, in Hörsching and Wels, as well as its final dogfights. The focus of the work lies on the eye witness accounts of the unit"s members. Interesting reports from former members of the unit, who got POWs or were transferred to other tasks are also included. The text covers about 150 pages. Around 400 contemporary photographs are shown. As images taken in 1945 are seldom, most pictures presented show members of the Flughafenbetriebskompanie (the unit"s air port operation company) and further material from the years before 1945.

Illustrated with 470 contemporary images.
Author/s: Walter Waiss
Publisher: Helios Verlag
Pages: 500
Language: German
Edition: 1
Year of publication: 2010
Dimensions: 30, 5 x 22 cm
Binding: Hardback

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