Junkers Ju 87 - From Dive Bomber to Tank Buster 1935-1945. Unchanged REPRINT in 2023, orders are welcome!

Junkers Ju 87 - From Dive Bomber to Tank Buster 1935-1945. <font color=\"#FF0000\" face=\"Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif\">Unchanged REPRINT in 2023, orders are welcome!</font>
This large format hardback is heavily packed with information on the Ju87 Stuka. Highly illustrated, it represents a comprehensive, detailed reference work to be used by enthusiasts and modellers for 'one-stop' ease of access to information to one of the most well known aircrafts of Word War 2. The pedigree of the author's research will mean that this will be the must-have book for all enthusiasts on the Ju87 Stuka.
Unquestionably, the Junkers Ju 87 was one of the most devastatingly effective and psychologically terrifying weapons of war ever produced. The howl of its sirens during a dive-bombing attack struck fear into those on the ground, the aircraft possessing an uncanny knack of making each human feel as if the sole target was him. Spearheading the German advances in Poland, Norway, the Low Countries, the Mediterranean and Russia between 1939-1943, the Luftwaffe's Ju 87 Stuka became synonymous with the art of Blitzkrieg warfare. Next to the fighter aces, it was perhaps the Stuka crews who were held in the highest esteem by both German commanders and the German people and their accomplishments became legendary. Stuka aces such as Oskar Dinort, Werner Hozzel, Ernst Kupfer and Hans-Ulrich Rudel were just some accredited with the destruction of literally hundreds of enemy tanks, vehicles and ships as well as locomotives and bridges.
This fantastic reference book is the most definitive history currently in the market and covers from the start of production in 1937 till Rudel's last flight surrendering to the US forces at Kitzingen. The book contains around 400 photographs diagrams and technical drawings including those showing factory and manufacturing, close ups of weapons and equipment and operational units. It also contains 50+ colour profile artworks and is also supported by a highly detailed appendix containing information on foreign use, camouflage and markings and handbook illustrations. This will be 'the' book sought after by aviation enthusiasts and modelers this year.

Throughout illustrated with about 400 contemporary images, color profiles and scale drawings.
Author/s: J. Richard Smith
Publisher: Classic Publications
Pages: 336
Language: English
Edition: 1
Year of publication: 2012
Dimensions: A4
Binding: Hardback

Weight: 1.90 kg

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