Storming the Bombers: A Chronicle of JG 4 - The Luftwaffe's 4th Fighter Wing, Vol. 2 - 1944-1945

Storming the Bombers: A Chronicle of JG 4 - The Luftwaffe\'s 4th Fighter Wing, Vol. 2 - 1944-1945
Illustrated (around 250 contemporary photographs and 10 colour profiles) WW 2 chronicle of the German WW2 Fighter Wing 4 (Jagdgeschwader 4), a so called "storm assault unit", especially formed to battle the heavy 4-engined bombers. Victory and loss-lists, as well as a names-register are included. There is also an French and German edition of this volume available under the series-title "Chasseurs D'Assaut" and "Sturmjäger". For more information see article number 227981 and 2830.

The second volume covers the story of the Geschwader from Operation Market Garden in Holland during September 1944 to the final desperate battles over Berlin and capitulation in May 1945. The combats flown by the pilots of JG 4 throughout this nine month period are related with the aid of rare oral testimony and illustrated with photographs from private albums, including a selection of new images for this English-language edition. Covered in detail are the 'Storm' missions flown by the Sturmgruppe (including ramming attacks against USAAF bombers), ground-attack bombing sorties during the Ardennes offensive of December 1944, the fullest account yet of the unit's participation in the 1945 New Year's Day Operation Bodenplatte, the last desperate sorties flown on the Oder front against the Red Army with, for the first time, accounts in English of German kamikaze attacks flown against the Oder bridges and the final air battles over the ruins of Berlin.

Over the course of 20 years research the author was able to track down and interview virtually every surviving pilot and compile their very often moving and desperate accounts into this book, giving it a uniquely human dimension which will undoubtedly be of interest to all former Allied aviators and their descendants as well as enthusiasts of the period.

Chapter 9 – The battle for Arnhem
Chapter 2 – The Italian campaign Chapter 10 – The las of the Sturmjäger
Chapter 3 – Formation of the Stab/JG 4 Chapter 11 – JG 4 at full Establishment
Chapter 4 – Sturmstaffel 1 Chapter 12 – Jabos
Chapter 5 – The Creation of II. (Sturm)/JG 4 Chapter 13 – The Ardennes Offensive
Chapter 6 – The Establishment of III./JG 4 Chapter 14 – Operation Baseplatte - Bodenplatte
Chapter 7 – I./JG 4 on the Western Front Chapter 15 – A turbulent Start to the new Year
Chapter 8 – The Defence of the Reich Chapter 16 – JG 4 on the Eastern Front
Losses and Claims of Victories Chapter 17 – Headlong Retreat
Chapter 18 – Kamikaze Attacks
Chapter 19 – The bitter End

Illustrated throughout with 300 contemporary images and color profiles.
Author: Mombeeck, Erik
Pages: 232
Language: English
Edition: 1
Year of publication: 2011
Dimensions: A4
Binding: Hardcover
Weight: 1.26 kg

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