Allied Submarine Operations in Greece during WW II 1941-1944

Allied Submarine Operations in Greece during WW II 1941-1944
The author Byron Tesapsides published his last book, titled „Allied Submarine Operations in Greece during World War Two“, which reports, based on the Allies war diaries, regarding the operations of the following Allied submarines in the Greek waters during 1941-1944: Parthian, Osiris, Perseus, Porpoise, Proteus, Rorqual, Sea Rover, Seraph, Shakespeare, Sibyl, Sickle, Simoom, Sokol, Sportsman, Surf, Tactician, Taku, Talisman, Taurus, Tetrarch, Thorn, Thraser, Thunderbolt, Torbay, Traveller, Trespasser, Trident, Triumph, Trooper, Truant, Turbulent, Ultimatum, Ultor, Unrivalled, Unruly, Unsparing, Unserving, Untiring, Upstart, Vigorous, Virtue, Visigoth, Vivid, Voracious, Vox, Vampire, Dolffjin, Dzik, Curie, Glavkos, Katsonis, Matrozos, Nereus, Pipinos, Papanikolis and Triton. All those mentioned allied submarines -included British, Greek, Polish, French and Dutch subs- observed enemy movements, laid mines, landed supplies and men for clandestine purposes and harassed and disrupted the traffic between the major ports and the outlying garrisons of the occupied Greek islands and the mainland. All those operations, against the Axis forces, were not only conducted against unarmed caiques but also against heavy armed war ships.
The reader will find in Byron’s book detailed reports of all the major and minor operations based on the war diaries of the allied submarines.
It is a great book, which is going to help every researcher and history enthusiast, who is interested in the marine operations in the Greek waters during WWII.

Author(s): Tesapsides, Byron
Publisher: Tesapsides
Pages: 416
Language: English
Edition: 1
Year of publication: 2012
Dimensions: 29 x 20,7 cm
Binding: Softcover
Weight: 1.10 kg

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