Faszination Bücker Flugzeuge. Fascination Bucker Aircraft

Faszination Bücker Flugzeuge. Fascination Bucker Aircraft
After ten years of work in the Swedish aerospace industry former naval aviator C. C. Bücker returned 1933 to Germany and founded the Bücker Flugzeugbau GmbH in Rangsdorf near Berlin. With his chief engineer A. J. Anderson he began to build aircraft for general aviation and trainers. Among the best known and most popular aircraft were the JUNGMANN and the JUNGMEISTER, two extremely agile, aerobatic and economic biplanes, and the two-seat, sleek-looking low-wing BESTMANN. Their common hallmark was not limited aerobatics and international sales success. But the Rangsdorfer aircraft manufacturers were initially not the right business-partners for the leadership of the German Empire. Only after mediation by the famous, former fighter pilot Ernst Udet, the three aircraft advanced to a basic trainer and aerobatic aircraft of the Luftwaffe. More than 6.000 Bücker aircraft were built, but only a few have survived after WW II.
Before and after the 2nd WW many aircraft were built under license in several countries and as oldtimers they now enjoy international popularity. C. C. Bückers attempt of a restart of the production of JUNGMANN and JUNGMEISTER about 1970 was unsuccessful and had to be stopped. End of the 1990s in Poland a restart with the production of the "new" JUNGMANN" was dared.
On more than 400 pages the history of C. C. Bücker and many technical information about the licensed aircraft, which were built under and with him are explained, also illustrated with pictures from all eras. In addition to reports of restorations also numerous modifications are presented. With support from the Bücker aviation community lots of interesting information are bundled in this very well done book.
Very recommended!!
- Aerobatic results of Bücker Aircraft
- Mission of Bücker Aircraft in Training and Operational Units (1935-1945)
- Bücker Bü 131 Civil Production (Rangsdorf)
- Bücker Bü 131 Military Production (Rangsdorf)
- Bücker Bü 131 License Built Dornier (Altenrhein, Schweiz)
- Aero Z.131 (C 104) License Built (CSSR, Prag)
- Casa 1.131 License Built (Spanien)
- Tatra T-131PA License Built (Polen)
- Bücker Bü 133 Military Production (Rangsdorf)
- Bücker Bü 133 License Built Dornier (Altenrhein, Schweiz)
- Bücker Bü 133 License Built (Hirth-Bitz)
- Bücker Bü 134 Production (Rangsdorf)
- Bücker Bü 181 Production (Rangsdorf und Fokker)
- Zlin Z.381 License Built (CSSR)
- Heliopolis Gomhouria License Built (Egypt)
- Bücker Bü 182 Production (Rangsdorf)
- List of Literature
- Picture Credits
- Documents Credits
- Abbreviations
- Notes

Author(s): Klaus-Jochen Rieger/Christoph Rieger
Publisher: MeinFachverlag
Pages: 504
Language: English/German
Edition: 1
Year of publication: 2014
Dimensions: 30 x 21,5 cm
Binding: Hardcover
Weight: 2.50 kg

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